Synonyms of region in English:



  • the western region of the country
    district, province, territory, division, area, section, sector, zone, belt, tract, stretch, expanse, terrain, part, quarter, locality, locale
    informal parts
    British informal patch
  • Phrases

    in the region of

    a population in the region of 1,400approximatelyaboutaroundroughlyin the neighbourhood ofin the area ofof the order ofsomething likesomeround aboutclose tonear tojust aboutpracticallymore or lessor soor thereaboutsthere or thereaboutsgive or take a fewplus or minus a fewgive or take a bitin round numbersnot far offnearlyalmostapproachingBritishgetting on forLatincirca informalas near as dammit toNorth American informalin the ballpark of

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