Synonyms of regular in English:



  • 1 he had to plant the flags at regular intervals
    uniform, even, consistent, constant, unchanging, unvarying, orderly, systematic, fixed; symmetrical
    [Antonyms] irregular erratic
  • 2 a poem with a very regular beat
    [Antonyms] irregular unsteady
  • 3 the reprocessing plant has been the subject of regular protests
    frequent, repeated, continual, recurrent, periodic, habitual, constant, perpetual, oft repeated, repetitive, numerous
    [Antonyms] occasional
  • 4 in their haste to be rich they deviated from safe and regular methods of business
    [Antonyms] irregular experimental
  • 5 you should have a regular procedure for taking and recording attendance
    [Antonyms] haphazard
  • 6 his regular route to work
    [Antonyms] unusual
  • 7 informal , dated he's a regular charmer
    utter, real, absolute, complete, thorough, thoroughgoing, total, unmitigated, outright, out-and-out, perfect, consummate, surpassing, sheer, rank, pure, unqualified, inveterate, positive, dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue, undiluted, unalloyed, unadulterated, in every respect; North Americanfull-bore
    informal deep-dyed
    British informal right, proper
    Australian/New Zealand informal fair
    archaic arrant
    rare right-down
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