Synonyms of relief in English:



  • 1 it was such a relief to share my secret worries with her I found relief in desperately scribbling poetry
  • 2 the relief of pain
    [Antonyms] intensification
  • 3 she just needed relief from her burden of bags
    freedom, release, liberation, deliverance, exemption, discharge
  • 4 how she needed a little light relief!
    respite, remission, lightening, brightening; amusement, diversion, entertainment, jollity, jollification, recreation; interruption, break
    informal let-up
    [Antonyms] seriousness solemnity
  • 5 the coming of the rains brought no physical relief to the besieged
    help, aid, assistance, succour, care, sustenance; subsidy, benefit, charity, gifts, donations, financial assistance, debt remission; a helping hand, a leg up
  • 6 his relief arrived to take over
  • Phrases

    throw something into relief

    this brief account throws into sharp relief the differences between the rival theories
    [Antonyms] mask play down
    highlightspotlightgive prominence toforegroundset offpoint upthrow upshow upemphasizebring outstressaccentunderlineunderscoreaccentuateheightenintensifyincreaseenhance

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