Synonyms of remedy in English:



  • 1 traditional herbal remedies
    treatment, cure, medicine, medication, medicament, drug, restorative; antidote, prophylactic; nostrum, panacea, cure-all; therapy
    archaic physic, specific
  • 2 marriage is sometimes prescribed as a remedy for all kinds of life problems
    solution, answer, cure, antidote, corrective, curative, nostrum, panacea, cure-all, heal-all, palliative, balm, magic formula; countermeasure
    informal magic bullet
  • 3 the company is not liable and he has no effective remedy against them
  • verb

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  • 1 little has been done to remedy the situation
    put right, set right, set to rights, put to rights, right, rectify, retrieve, solve, fix, sort out, put in order, straighten out, resolve, deal with, correct, repair, mend, redress, make good; improve, amend, ameliorate, make better, better
  • 2 anaemia can be remedied by iron tablets
    cure, treat, heal, make better, counteract, control; relieve, ease, alleviate, soothe, palliate
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