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  • 1 doctors who practise in areas remote from hospitals the remote past
    faraway, distant, far, far off, far removed; dim and distant
    [Antonyms] close near
  • 2 a remote mountain village
    isolated, out of the way, outlying, off the beaten track, secluded, in the depths of …, hard to find, lonely, in the back of beyond, in the hinterlands, off the map, in the middle of nowhere, godforsaken, obscure, inaccessible, cut-off, unreachable; faraway, far-flung; North Americanin the backwoods, lonesome; South Africanin the backveld, in the platteland; Australian/New Zealandin the backblocks, in the booay
    informal unget-at-able, in the sticks
    North American informal jerkwater, in the tall timbers
    Australian/New Zealand informal Barcoo, beyond the black stump
    literary lone
    [Antonyms] central
  • 3 the parables may seem somewhat remote from modern times
    [Antonyms] relevant
  • 4 up to now, the possibility had seemed so remote as not to need consideration
    unlikely, improbable, implausible, doubtful, dubious, far-fetched; faint, slight, slim, small, slender, minimal, marginal, negligible, insignificant, inconsiderable
    [Antonyms] likely strong
  • 5 when I was a child, she wasn't so remote
    [Antonyms] friendly approachable
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    remote, distant, faraway, far off
    See distant

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