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Synonyms of repel in English:


  • 1 the rebels were repelled by army units
    fight off, repulse, drive back/away, put to flight, force back, beat back, push back, thrust back;
    foil, check, frustrate;
    British  see off
    informal send packing
    archaic rebut
  • 2 the polypropylene cover will repel water
    be impervious to, be impermeable to, keep out, be resistant to, resist
    [Antonyms] attract, absorb, let through
  • 3 the thought of kissing him repelled me
    revolt, disgust, repulse, sicken, nauseate, make someone feel sick, turn someone's stomach, be repulsive to, be extremely distasteful to, be repugnant to, make shudder, make someone's flesh creep, make someone's skin crawl, make someone's gorge rise, put off, offend, horrify
    North American informal gross out
    [Antonyms] delight
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