Synonyms of request in English:



  • 1 we received several urgent requests for assistance
  • 2 Charlotte insisted, at Ursula's request, on driving him to the station
  • 3 please indicate your requests on the booking form
    requirement, wish, want, desire; choice; Latindesideratum
  • verb

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  • the government requested foreign military aid I requested him to inform Charles immediately
    ask for, appeal for, call for, seek, solicit, plead for, put in a plea for, pray for, petition, sue for, supplicate for; apply for, put in an application for, put in for, place an order for, put in an order for, order; demand, require, requisition; call on, beg, beseech, entreat, implore, importune, adjure; invite, bid
    rare obtest, impetrate, obsecrate
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