Synonyms of resist in English:



  • 1 the vine's hard wood helps it resist cold winters
    withstand, be proof against, hold out against, combat, counter; weather, endure, outlast; repel, be resistant to, be impervious to, be impermeable to, keep out
    [Antonyms] be harmed by be susceptible to
  • 2 those resisting attempts to upgrade the building may be evicted
    oppose, fight against, refuse to accept, be hostile to, object to, be anti, take a stand against, defy, go against, set one's face against, kick against, baulk at; obstruct, impede, hinder, block, thwart, frustrate, inhibit, restrain; stop, halt, prevent, check, stem, curb; dig in one's heels
    archaic reluct
    [Antonyms] accept welcome
  • 3 I resisted the urge to retort
    refrain from, abstain from, keep from, forbear from, desist from, forgo, avoid; not give in to, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, stop oneself from, check oneself
    [Antonyms] succumb to give in to
  • 4 she tried to resist him, but she hadn't the strength
    struggle with/against, fight (against), put up a fight against, battle against, stand up to, withstand, stand one's ground against, hold one's ground against, hold off, hold out against, contend with, confront, face up to; fend off, keep at bay, ward off, keep at arm's length
    [Antonyms] submit yield
  • Phrases

    cannot resist

    he is a man who cannot resist a challenge
    [Antonyms] hate
    loveadorerelishbe addicted tohave a weakness forbe very partial tobe very keen onbe very fond oflikedelight inenjoytake great pleasure in informalhave a thing aboutbe mad aboutbe hooked onget a kick out ofget a thrill out of

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