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Synonyms of return in English:


  • 1 he returned to London
    go back, come back, get back, arrive back, arrive home, come home, come again
    [Antonyms] depart, set out
  • 2 the symptoms returned after a few days
    happen again, recur, reoccur, occur again, be repeated, repeat (itself), come round (again);
    reappear, appear again, flare up
    rare recrudesce
    [Antonyms] disappear
  • 3 he would have to return the money he had been given
    give back, send back, hand back, take back, carry back;
    pay back, repay, remit
    [Antonyms] keep, throw away
  • 4 Peter returned the book to its place on the shelf
  • 5 he just managed to return the volley
    hit back, send back;
    [Antonyms] miss
  • 6 the party faithful welcomed her, and she returned the compliment
    reciprocate, requite, feel/give in return, repay, send/give in response, give back;
    wish someone the same
    [Antonyms] ignore
  • 7 ‘Later,’ returned Isabel coldly
    answer, reply, respond, say in response;
    acknowledge, counter, rejoin, riposte, retort, retaliate, hurl back, fling back, snap back;
    round on someone;
    North American  come back
  • 8 the jury returned a unanimous verdict
    deliver, bring in, hand down, render, submit, announce, pronounce, proclaim
  • 9 the club returned a small profit
  • 10 the official Labour candidate was returned with 53% of the vote
    elect, vote in, put in power, choose, opt for, select, pick, adopt
  • noun

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  • 1 failing health forced his return to Paris
    homecoming, travel back
    [Antonyms] departure
  • 2 a buffer against the return of hard times
    [Antonyms] disappearance
  • 3 I displayed notices requesting the return of books
    giving back, handing back, replacement, restoration, reinstatement, reinstallation, restitution
  • 4 it might be worth checking with the box office for returns
    returned item, unsold item, unwanted item/ticket, reject, exchange
  • 5 two returns to London, please
    North American  round trip ticket/fare
    [Antonyms] single
  • 6 the company hoped for a quick return on its investment
    British informal bunce
  • 7 a census return
    statement, report, submission, account, paper, record, file, dossier, write-up, data, information, log, journal, diary, register, summary;
    document, form
  • Phrases

    in return for
    they were offered a reduction of their prison sentences in return for confessions to crimes
    in exchange for, in consideration of;
    in response to, as a reward for, against, as a compensation for
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