Synonyms of ride in English:



  • 1 she can ride a horse
    sit on, mount, be mounted on, bestride; manage, handle, control, steer
  • 2 two men were riding round the town on stolen motor bikes
    travel, go, move, progress, proceed, make one's way; drive, cycle; trot, canter, gallop
  • Phrases

    ride roughshod over

    they rode roughshod over normal disciplinary procedurestreat with contemptdisregardset at naughttrample overshow no consideration fortreat inconsideratelytreat disrespectfullyignorediscountencroach oninfringeabusedo violence to


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  • he took us for a ride in his car
    trip, journey, drive, run, expedition, excursion, outing, jaunt, tour, airing, turn, sally; lift
    informal junket, spin, tootle, joyride, tool
    Scottish informal hurl
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