Synonyms of rig in English:

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rig 1


  • 1 these vessels were rigged with a single square sail
  • 2 I rigged myself out in all-American gear
    informal doll up
    literary bedizen, caparison
    archaic apparel, invest, habit, trap out
  • 3 Alfred will rig up a bit of shelter
    set up hastily, erect hastily, assemble hastily, throw together, cobble together, put together, whip up, improvise, devise, contrive, jury-rig
    British informal knock up
  • noun

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  • 1 he had left his CB radio rig switched on
    informal gizmo
  • 2 an officer in the rig of the American Army Air Corps
    uniform, costume, ensemble, outfit, suit, livery, attire, clothes, clothing, garments, dress, garb, regimentals, accoutrements, regalia, finery, trappings, disguise;
    British  kit, strip
    informal get-up, gear, togs
    British informal rig-out
    formal apparel
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    Synonyms of rig in English:

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    rig 2


  • he will not need to rig the election or buy voters
    manipulate, arrange fraudulently, interfere with, influence, gerrymander, juggle, massage, distort, misrepresent, pervert, manoeuvre, tamper with, tinker with, doctor;
    falsify, forge, fake, engineer, trump up
    informal fix, cook
    British informal fiddle
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