Synonyms of rough in English:



  • 1 she stumbled on the rough ground
    [Antonyms] flat smooth
  • 2 the terrier's coat is rough and thick
    coarse, bristly, scratchy, prickly; shaggy, hairy, hirsute, bushy, fuzzy
    [Antonyms] smooth sleek
  • 3 the tree has a rough, purplish-brown bark
    gnarled, knotty, lumpy, knobbly, nodular
    rare nodulous, nodose
  • 4 the cream brings immediate relief to rough skin
    [Antonyms] smooth
  • 5 his voice was rough with barely controlled anger
    [Antonyms] soft
  • 6 down the hall, a noise of rough laughter and shouting could be heard
    [Antonyms] dulcet
  • 7 a bottle of rough red wine
    [Antonyms] sweet mellow
  • 8 he tends to get rough when he's drunk
    violent, brutal, vicious; aggressive, belligerent, pugnacious, thuggish; boisterous, rowdy, disorderly, unruly, unrestrained, wild, riotous, undisciplined, unmanageable
    informal ugly
    Scottish informal radge
    [Antonyms] gentle passive
  • 9 a robust machine, able to withstand rough handling
    careless, clumsy, inept, unskilful
    [Antonyms] careful
  • 10 Sophie disliked his rough manners
    [Antonyms] cultured civilized refined
  • 11 rough seas
    turbulent, stormy, storm-tossed, tempestuous, violent, heavy, heaving, raging, choppy, agitated
    [Antonyms] calm
  • 12 the weather was really rough
    stormy, wild, tempestuous, squally, wet, rainy, windy, blustery; foul, filthy, nasty, inclement, unpleasant, disagreeable
    [Antonyms] fine
  • 13 informal they gave him a very rough time
    difficult, hard, tough, bad, unpleasant, demanding, arduous
    [Antonyms] easy pleasant
  • 14British informal you were a bit rough on her
    harsh, hard, tough, stern, sharp, abrasive, severe, unfair, unjust, unrelenting, unfeeling, insensitive, nasty, cruel; unkind, unsympathetic, inconsiderate, brutal, heartless, savage, merciless, extreme
    [Antonyms] kind gentle
  • 15 informal ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘Pretty rough’
    ill, unwell, poorly, bad, out of sorts, indisposed, not oneself, sick, queasy, nauseous, nauseated, peaky, liverish, green about the gills, run down, washed out, faint, dizzy, giddy, light-headed; Britishoff, off colour
    informal under the weather, below par, not up to par, funny, peculiar, lousy, rotten, awful, terrible, dreadful, crummy
    British informal grotty, ropy
    Scottish informal wabbit, peely-wally
    Australian/New Zealand informal crook
    vulgar slang crappy
    dated seedy
    rare peaked, peakish
    [Antonyms] well okay
  • 16 she cobbled together a rough draft and then rewrote it
    preliminary, hasty, quick, sketchy, cursory, basic, crude, rudimentary, rough and ready, raw, unpolished, unrefined; incomplete, unfinished, uncompleted
    [Antonyms] finished perfected
  • 17 this is only a rough estimate
    [Antonyms] exact accurate precise
  • 18 I'm afraid the accommodation is rather rough
    plain, basic, simple, rough and ready, rustic, rude, crude, primitive, spartan, uncomfortable
    [Antonyms] luxurious
  • noun

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  • 1 the artist's initial roughs are very important
    preliminary sketch, draft, outline, mock-up, model, artist's impression
  • 2British a bunch of roughs attacked him
    ruffian, thug, lout, hooligan, hoodlum, rowdy, bully boy, brawler; Australianlarrikin
    British informal yob, yobbo, bovver boy, lager lout, chav
    Scottish informal radge
    Scottish & Northern English informal keelie, ned
    Australian/New Zealand informal roughie, lout
  • verb

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  • rough the surface with sandpaper
    roughen, make rough
  • Phrases

    rough something out

    draftsketch outoutlineblock outmock upsuggestdelineategive a brief idea of formaladumbrate

    rough someone up

    informal beat upbeatattackassaultknock about/aroundmaltreatmistreatabusebattermanhandle informaldo overbash upwork overbeat the living daylights out ofBritish informalduff upNorth American informalbeat up on

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