Synonyms of ruffle in English:



  • 1 Patrick kissed her on the cheek and ruffled her hair
    disarrange, tousle, dishevel, rumple, run one's fingers through, make untidy, tumble, riffle, disorder;
    mess up, make a mess of, tangle
    North American informal muss, muss up
    [Antonyms] smooth
  • 2 a light wind ruffled the water
    make ripples in, ripple, riffle, roughen
    [Antonyms] smooth
  • 3 ‘Keep calm,’ she told herself, ‘don't let him ruffle you’
    disconcert, unnerve, fluster, flurry, agitate, harass, upset, disturb, discomfit, put off, put someone off their stroke, throw off balance, make nervous, discompose, discountenance, cause someone to lose their composure, perturb, unsettle, bother, affect, ruffle someone's feathers, worry, disquiet, trouble, confuse
    informal rattle, faze, throw, get to, put into a flap, throw into a tizz, rile, niggle, aggravate, bug, miff, peeve, discombobulate, shake up
    British informal wind up, nark, get across
    [Antonyms] soothe, calm
  • noun

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  • a very full shirt with ruffles down the front
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