Synonyms of rump in English:



  • 1 he removed his hand from Shirley's rump
    buttocks, behind, backside, rear, rear end, seat, haunches, cheeks; hindquarters, croup; Britishbottom; Frenchderrière; GermanSitzfleisch
    informal sit-upon, stern, BTM, tochus
    British informal bum, botty, prat, jacksie
    North American informal butt, fanny, tush, tushie, tail, duff, buns, booty, caboose, heinie, patootie, keister, tuchis, bazoo, bippy
    West Indian informal batty
    humorous fundament, posterior
    black English rass, rusty dusty
    British vulgar slang arse, clunge
    North American vulgar slang ass
    technical nates
    archaic breech
  • 2 the rump of the army
    remainder, remaining part/number, rest, remnant, remnants, remains; those left
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