Synonyms of scrape in English:



  • 1 the men only had to scrape the ship and overhaul her rigging
    abrade, grate, sand, sandpaper, scour, scratch, rub, file, rasp
  • 2 she scraped the earth back and saw something blue buried there
    rake, drag, push, brush, sweep
  • 3 their boots scraped along the floor
    grate, creak, grind, jar, rasp, scratch, drag, rub, squeak, screech, grit, set someone's teeth on edge
  • 4 the stag first scrapes a hole in the ground
    scoop out, hollow out, dig out, dig, excavate, gouge out, quarry, make
  • 5 Ellen had scraped her shins on the wall
    graze, scratch, abrade, scuff, rasp, skin, rub raw, cut, lacerate, bark, chafe, strip, flay, wound
    technical excoriate
  • Phrases

    scrape by

    students have to scrape by on an inadequate grantmanagecopesurvivemuddle through/alongscrape alongmake ends meetget by/alongmake domanage to live with difficultybarely/scarcely manage to livebarely/scarcely have enough to live onkeep the wolf from the doorkeep one's head above waterscrimpscrape a living informalmake out

    scrape through

    he managed to scrape through the examjust passpass and no morepass by a narrow marginjust succeed innarrowly achieve

    scrape something together

    we scraped together enough coins to buy some teacollectamassgatherrake togetherrake updredge upget hold ofraisemusteraccumulatebuild up


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  • 1 he heard the scrape of a stool being dragged across the floor
    grate, grating, creak, creaking, grind, grinding, jar, jarring, rasp, rasping, scratch, scratching, rub, rubbing, squeak, squeaking, screech, screeching
  • 2 the shopkeeper sustained scrapes to his knee and hand in the struggle
  • 3 informal he's always getting into scrapes because he trusts the wrong people
    predicament, plight, tight corner, tight spot, ticklish/tricky situation, problem, quandary, dilemma, crisis, mess, muddle
    informal jam, fix, stew, bind, hole, hot water, a pretty/fine kettle of fish
    British informal spot of bother
    (scrapes)trouble, difficulty, straits, dire/desperate straits, distress
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