Synonyms of sea in English:



  • 1 the sea sparkled in the sun
    (the) ocean, the waves
    informal the drink
    British informal the briny
    North American informal salt chuck
    literary the deep, the main, the foam
    New Zealand rare moana
    [Antonyms] land dry land, fresh water
  • 2 there were very heavy seas and the boat overturned
    wave, breaker, roller, comber, billow; Australianbombora
    informal boomer
    North American informal kahuna
    (seas)swell, white horses, white caps
  • 3 the ground was now a sea of glutinous mud I saw a sea of roofs and turrets
    expanse, stretch, span, area, tract, sweep, blanket, sheet, carpet, mass; multitude, host, profusion, abundance, plethora
  • Phrases

    at sea

    as teachers we may leave our students completely at sea
    [Antonyms] clear enlightened
    confusedperplexedpuzzledbaffledmystifiedbemusedbewilderednonplusseddisconcerteddisorienteddumbfoundedat a lossat sixes and sevensadrift informalflummoxedbamboozleddiscombobulatedstumpedfazedbeatenCanadian & Australian/New Zealand informalbushed archaicwildereddistractedmazed


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  • outstanding apartments with magnificent sea views microscopic sea creatures
    marine, ocean, oceanic; salt, saltwater, seawater, watery, pelagic; ocean-going, seagoing, seafaring, afloat; maritime, naval, nautical
    rare thalassic, pelagian
    [Antonyms] land shore, freshwater
  • Phrases

    sea change

    it indicated a sea change in American attitudestransformationchangealterationmodificationvariationconversionrevisionamendmentmetamorphosistransfigurationevolutionmutationremodellingreshapingremouldingredoingreconstructionrebuildingrecastingreorganizationrearrangementreorderingreshufflingrestylingrejiggingreworkingrenewalrenewingrevampingrenovationoverhaulremakingrevolutionizingrevolutiontransmutation humoroustransmogrification

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    marine, maritime, nautical relating to the sea
    submarine under the sea
    hydrography surveying of the sea
    thalassophobia fear of the sea

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