Synonyms of sea in English:



  • 1 the sea sparkled in the sun
    informal the drink
    British informal the briny
    North American informal salt chuck
    literary the deep, the main, the foam
    New Zealand rare moana
    [Antonyms] land, dry land, fresh water
  • 2 there were very heavy seas and the boat overturned
    wave, breaker, roller, comber, billow;
    Australian bombora
    informal boomer
    North American informal kahuna
    (seas)swell, white horses, white caps
  • 3 the ground was now a sea of glutinous mud I saw a sea of roofs and turrets
    expanse, stretch, span, area, tract, sweep, blanket, sheet, carpet, mass;
    multitude, host, profusion, abundance, plethora
  • Phrases

    at sea

    as teachers we may leave our students completely at sea
    [Antonyms] clear, enlightened
    Canadian & Australian/New Zealand informal bushed


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  • outstanding apartments with magnificent sea views microscopic sea creatures
    marine, ocean, oceanic;
    salt, saltwater, seawater, watery, pelagic;
    rare thalassic, pelagian
    [Antonyms] land, shore, freshwater
  • Phrases

    sea change

    it indicated a sea change in American attitudes
    transformation, change, alteration, modification, variation, conversion, revision, amendment, metamorphosis, transfiguration, evolution, mutation;
    remodelling, reshaping, remoulding, redoing, reconstruction, rebuilding, recasting, reorganization, rearrangement, reordering, reshuffling, restyling, rejigging, reworking, renewal, renewing, revamping, renovation, overhaul, remaking;
    revolutionizing, revolution, transmutation

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    marine, maritime, nautical relating to the sea
    submarine under the sea
    hydrography surveying of the sea
    thalassophobia fear of the sea

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