Synonyms of second in English:


Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable


  • 1 the second day of the trial
    next, following, after the first, subsequent, ensuing, succeeding, coming
    [Antonyms] first preceding
  • 2 would you like a second helping?
    [Antonyms] first
  • 3 he keeps a second pair of glasses in his office
    spare, extra, additional, alternative, another, backup, relief, fallback, substitute, auxiliary, ancillary; redundant, surplus, superfluous; North Americanalternate
    [Antonyms] primary principal
  • 4 Malcolm is dropping down to captain the second team
    [Antonyms] first top
  • 5 there was a fear that the conflict would turn into a second Vietnam
    another, duplicate, reproduction, twin, double, new, replicate, matching; repeat of, copy of, carbon copy of
    [Antonyms] original
  • Phrases

    have second thoughts

    I had second thoughts about the original review myselfrethinkreconsiderreviewrevisere-examinere-evaluatereassessreappraisethink better ofthink overtake another look atlook at in a different lighthave another think aboutchangealtermodifythink againthink twicereview one's positioncome roundchange one's mind

    second thoughts

    not all of them come to the decision easily, and their nervousness and second thoughts are a natural resultqualmmisgivingsdoubtreservationscruplesuspiciondistrustmistrustlack of faithlack of confidencediffidencetrepidationscepticismworryuneaseuneasinessanxietyapprehensionuncertaintyniggledisquietdisquietudehesitationhesitancehesitancy

    second to none

    the hotel offers a level of service that is second to noneincomparablematchlessunrivalledinimitablebeyond compareunparalleledwithout parallelunequalledwithout equalunmatchedin a class of its ownbeyond comparisonpeerlessunsurpassedunsurpassablenonpareiluniqueperfectconsummaterareexquisitetranscendentsurpassingsuperlativesupreme rareunexampled


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  • 1 Eva had been working as his second
  • 2 (seconds) informal he enjoyed the pie so much he asked for seconds
    a second helping, a further helping, more
  • 3 (seconds) sometimes factory shops sell seconds
    imperfect goods, faulty goods, defective goods, flawed goods, inferior goods, rejects, export rejects, discards
  • verb

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  • George Beale seconded the motion
    formally support, give one's support to, announce one's support for, vote for, back, back up, approve, give one's approval to, endorse, promote, commend
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    deuter(o)- related prefix, as in deuterium, Deuteronomy

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    Pronunciation: ˈdɪŋkəm
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    Synonyms of second in English:


    Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable


  • I'll only be gone for a second
    moment, bit, little while, short time, instant, split second
    informal sec, nanosecond, jiffy, jiff
    British informal mo, tick, two ticks
  • Phrases

    in a second

    you'll see in a second(very) soonin a minutein a momentin a tricein a flashshortlyany minuteany minute nowin a short timein an instantin the twinkling of an eyein (less than) no timein no time at allbefore you know itbefore longNorth Americanmomentarily informalin a secin a nanosecondin a jiffyin two shakesin two shakes of a lamb's tailbefore you can say Jack Robinsonin the blink of an eyein a blinkin the wink of an eyein a winkbefore you can say knifeBritish informalin a tickin two ticksin a moNorth American informalin a snap

    Definition of second in:

    Synonyms of second in English:


    Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable


  • personnel are sometimes seconded to charities
    assign temporarily, lend; transfer, move, shift, relocate, assign, reassign, send, attach, allocate, detail, appoint
  • Definition of second in: