Synonyms of segment in English:



Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
  • 1 arrange the orange segments on top of the filling
    British informal wodge
    [Antonyms] whole
  • 2 economic growth would bring benefits to all segments of society
    subdivision, division, fraction, part, portion, section, constituent, element, unit, module, ingredient, slice, department, compartment, sector;
    branch, wing
    [Antonyms] whole
  • verb

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  • stress on the second syllable they plan to segment the company's 22% market share into four sections
    divide, divide up, subdivide, separate, split, split up, cut up, carve up, slice up, break up, dismember;
    sever, segregate, divorce, partition, section, compartment;
    share out, portion out, distribute
    [Antonyms] amalgamate
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