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Synonyms of sense in English:


  • 1 the sense of touch
    sensory faculty, feeling, sensation, perception;
    sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, sixth sense
    Zoology , datedsensibility
  • 2 she felt a sense of guilt
    awareness, feeling, sensation, consciousness, perception, recognition
  • 3 a sense of humour
    appreciation, awareness, understanding, comprehension, discernment, acknowledgement
  • 4 the driver had the sense to press the panic button
    British informalloaf, common
    North American informalsmarts
    [Antonyms] stupidity, mindlessness
  • 5 I can't see the sense in leaving all the work to you
    purpose, point, reason, aim, object, motive, use, utility, value, advantage, benefit
  • 6 here there are two different senses of ‘exist’
    meaning, definition, import, denotation, signification, significance, purport, implication, intention, nuance, drift, gist, thrust, tenor, burden, theme, message, essence, spirit, substance
  • verb

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  • she could sense their hostility to her he sensed that disaster was imminent
    discern, feel, observe, notice, get the impression of, recognize, pick up, be/become cognizant of, be/become aware of, be/become conscious of, get/come to know, tell, distinguish, make out, find, identify, comprehend, apprehend, see, discover, learn, appreciate, realize, suspect, have a funny feeling, have a hunch, just know, divine, intuit, conceive
    informalcatch on to
    British informaltwig
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