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  • 1 as people get older, their bodies often grow less sensitive to changes in external temperature
    responsive to, quick to respond to, sensitized to, reactive to, sentient of; aware of, conscious of, alive to; susceptible to, easily affected by, vulnerable to; attuned to, tuned in to
    rare susceptive of
    [Antonyms] unresponsive impervious insensitive
  • 2 don't use facial scrubs if your skin is sensitive his innocent words touched sensitive spots within her own heart
    delicate, easily damaged, fragile; tender, sore, painful, raw
    [Antonyms] resilient tough
  • 3 these matters will need sensitive handling by the social services a poignant, sensitive movie
    tactful, careful, thoughtful, diplomatic, delicate, subtle, finely tuned, kid-glove; sympathetic, compassionate, understanding, empathetic, intuitive, feeling, responsive, receptive; perceptive, discerning, acute, insightful
    [Antonyms] insensitive clumsy like bull in a china shop
  • 4 I didn't realize he was so sensitive her father was sensitive about his bald patch
    easily offended, easily upset, easily hurt, thin-skinned, touchy, oversensitive, hypersensitive, defensive; emotional, volatile, temperamental; paranoid, neurotic
    informal twitchy, uptight
    [Antonyms] thick-skinned
  • 5 a politically sensitive issue
    difficult, delicate, tricky, awkward, problematic, ticklish, precarious; controversial, emotive
    informal sticky
    [Antonyms] uncontroversial
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