Synonyms of serious in English:



  • 1 he had a serious expression on his face Prudence was a thin, pale, serious young woman
    solemn, earnest, grave, sober, sombre, unsmiling, poker-faced, stern, grim, dour, humourless, stony-faced; thoughtful, preoccupied, deep in thought, pensive, meditative, ruminative, contemplative, introspective; staid, sedate, studious, bookish
    [Antonyms] light-hearted cheerful jovial
  • 2 we have some serious decisions to make
    [Antonyms] trivial unimportant
  • 3 the president should give serious consideration to this advice
    careful, detailed, in-depth, deep, profound, meaningful
    [Antonyms] superficial
  • 4 a serious play about Art and Life
    intellectual, highbrow, heavyweight, deep, profound, literary, learned, scholarly, cultured; classical
    informal heavy
    [Antonyms] light lowbrow populist
  • 5 four of the victims received serious injuries he appealed for emergency foreign aid to combat the serious shortages of foodstuff and medicines
    severe, grave, bad, critical, acute, alarming, worrying, grievous, dreadful, terrible, dire, extreme, dangerous, perilous, precarious
    archaic or humorous parlous
    [Antonyms] minor negligible
  • 6 is the government serious about developing decent employment opportunities for women?
    in earnest, earnest, sincere, wholehearted, genuine, meaning what one says; committed, firm, resolute, resolved, determined
    [Antonyms] uncommitted half-hearted flippant
  • 7 informal she spends serious sums of money See considerable
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