Synonyms of shot in English:



  • 1 a shot rang out
    report, crack, bang, blast, explosion, discharge; (shots)gunfire
  • 2 the cannon have run out of shot
  • 3 his partner pulled off a winning backhand shot
    stroke, hit, strike; kick, throw, pitch, roll, bowl, lob, fling, hurl, shot-put
  • 4 Mike was an excellent shot
    marksman, markswoman, shooter, rifleman
    rare shootist
  • 5 here's a shot of us on holiday
    photograph, photo, snap, snapshot, picture, likeness, image, portrait, study, print, slide, transparency, negative, positive, plate, film, bromide, frame, exposure, still, proof, enprint, enlargement
  • 6 informal it's nice to get a shot at steering
    attempt, try, effort, endeavour; turn, chance, opportunity; guess
    informal go, stab, crack, bash, whack
    formal essay
  • 7 you need typhoid and cholera shots
  • Phrases

    a shot in the arm

    informal the improvements will provide a shot in the arm for thousands of small businesses
    [Antonyms] blow

    a shot in the dark

    Cunliffe admitted that his figure was little more than a shot in the darkguessrandom guesswild guesssurmisesuppositionconjecturespeculationtheorizing

    like a shot

    informal he would take the job like a shotwithout hesitationunhesitatinglyvery willinglyeagerlyenthusiasticallygladlyimmediatelyat onceright awayright nowquicklystraight awayinstantlyinstantaneouslydirectlyforthwithpromptlywithout delay informalin/like a flashbefore one can say Jack Robinsonbefore one can say knife

    not by a long shot

    he is not yet out of the woods, not by a long shotby no meansby no manner of meansnot at allin no waynot in the leastnot in the slightestnot the least bitcertainly notabsolutely notdefinitely noton no accountunder no circumstancesBritishnot by a long chalk informalno way

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    Synonyms of shot in English:




    get shot of

    British informal
    the group also got shot of its brewing interestsdispose ofdo away withthrow awaythrow outtoss outclear outdiscardscrapremovedispense withlosedumpbinunloadjettisondismissexpelejectweed outroot out informalget rid ofchuck (away)ditchjunkget shut ofBritish informalsee the back ofNorth American informalshuck off
  • shot silk
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