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Synonyms of shoulder in English:



give someone the cold shoulder
snub, shun, cold-shoulder, ignore, turn one's back on, cut, cut dead, look right through, rebuff, dismiss, reject, brush off, turn down, spurn, disdain, refuse, decline, repudiate, ostracize
informal give someone the brush-off, tell someone where to get off, put down, freeze out, stiff-arm
British informal knock back, send to Coventry
North American informal give someone the bum's rush, give someone the brush
Australian informal snout
informal, dated give someone the go-by
put one's shoulder to the wheel
work hard, make an effort, strive, be industrious/diligent/assiduous, exert oneself
British informal get stuck in
dated buckle to
shoulder to shoulder
  • 1 the regiment lined up shoulder to shoulder in three columns
  • 2 he fought off the attack on economic internationalism, shoulder to shoulder with City bankers
    united, together, jointly, working together, in partnership, in collaboration, in cooperation, cooperatively, side by side, arm in arm, hand in hand, in unity, in unison, in alliance, in league, in concert, concertedly, conjointly, as one
  • verb

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  • 1 Britain shouldered the primary responsibility for the stability of the area
    take on, take on oneself, undertake, accept, assume;
    bear, carry, support, sustain, be responsible for
  • 2 another lad shouldered him aside he shouldered his way through the crowd
    push, shove, thrust, propel, jostle, elbow, force, crowd, prod, poke, nudge, knock, ram, bulldoze, sweep, bundle, hustle, hurry, rush, manhandle
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