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give someone the cold shoulder

snubshuncold-shoulderignoreturn one's back oncutcut deadlook right throughrebuffdismissrejectbrush offturn downspurndisdainrefusedeclinerepudiateostracize informalgive someone the brush-offtell someone where to get offput downfreeze outstiff-armBritish informalknock backsend to CoventryNorth American informalgive someone the bum's rushgive someone the brushAustralian informalsnout informal, datedgive someone the go-by

put one's shoulder to the wheel

get (down) to workapply oneselfset to workfall tobuckle downget down to businessput one's hand to the ploughroll up one's sleevesget things movingstart the ball rollingwork hardmake an effortstrivebe industrious/diligent/assiduousexert oneself informalgive it one's best shotget crackingget one's finger outget weavingget the show on the roadget off one's backsideBritish informalget stuck in datedbuckle to

shoulder to shoulder

  • 1 the regiment lined up shoulder to shoulder in three columns
  • 2 he fought off the attack on economic internationalism, shoulder to shoulder with City bankers
    united, together, jointly, working together, in partnership, in collaboration, in cooperation, cooperatively, side by side, arm in arm, hand in hand, in unity, in unison, in alliance, in league, in concert, concertedly, conjointly, as one
  • verb

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  • 1 Britain shouldered the primary responsibility for the stability of the area
    take on, take on oneself, undertake, accept, assume; bear, carry, support, sustain, be responsible for
  • 2 another lad shouldered him aside he shouldered his way through the crowd
    push, shove, thrust, propel, jostle, elbow, force, crowd, prod, poke, nudge, knock, ram, bulldoze, sweep, bundle, hustle, hurry, rush, manhandle
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