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Synonyms of shower in English:


  • 1 a shower of rain
    fall, light fall, drizzle, flurry, sprinkling, mizzle;
  • 2 a shower of arrows
  • 3 he was pleased by the shower of awards
    avalanche, deluge, rush, flood, spate, torrent, cluster, flurry, wave, outbreak, outpouring;
    profusion, abundance, plethora, superabundance, glut;
    large number, large quantity, mass
    [Antonyms] trickle, dearth
  • verb

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  • 1 confetti showered down on us
    rain, fall, drizzle, spray, mizzle, hail
  • 2 she showered them with gifts
    deluge, flood, inundate, swamp, submerge, engulf, bury;
    overwhelm, saturate, glut, overload, beset, overburden, snow under
  • 3 Macmillan showered political honours on his backbenchers
    lavish, pour, load, heap, bestow freely;
    give freely, give generously;
    waste, squander
    informal blow
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