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Synonyms of shrink in English:


  • 1 a sweater that shrank in the wash the workforce has shrunk to less than a thousand
    get smaller, become/grow smaller, contract, diminish, lessen, reduce, decrease, dwindle, narrow, shorten, slim, decline, fall off, drop off, condense, deflate, shrivel, wither
    [Antonyms] expand, increase
  • 2 the summer sun had shrunk and dried the wood
    make smaller, contract, lessen, reduce, decrease, narrow, shorten, truncate, abbreviate, condense, slim down, pare down, concentrate, abridge, compress, squeeze, deflate, shrivel, wither
    [Antonyms] expand, increase
  • 3 he shrank back against the wall
    draw back, recoil, jump back, spring back, jerk back, pull back, start back, back away, retreat, withdraw;
  • 4 he doesn't shrink from naming names
    recoil, shy away, hang back, demur, flinch;
    have scruples about, scruple about, have misgivings about, have qualms about, be loath to, be reluctant to, be unwilling to, be disinclined to, be indisposed to, be sorry to, be averse to, be slow to;
    be chary of, fight shy of, not be in favour of, be against, be opposed to, be hesitant to, be diffident about, be bashful about, be shy about, be coy about, be ashamed to, be afraid to, hesitate to, hate to, not like to, not have the heart to, drag one's feet/heels over, waver about, vacillate about, think twice about, baulk at, quail at, mind doing something
    informal boggle at
    archaic disrelish something
    [Antonyms] confront, be eager to
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