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Synonyms of side in English:


  • 1 at the side of the road the eastern side of the lake
    edge, border, verge, boundary, margin, fringe, fringes, flank, brink, bank, brim, rim, lip, perimeter, circumference, extremity, periphery, limit, outer limit, limits, bound, bounds;
    literary marge, bourn, skirt
    [Antonyms] centre, heart, end
  • 2 he was driving on the wrong side of the road the left side of the brain
    half, part;
    carriageway, lane;
  • 3 on the east side of the city
  • 4 manuscripts should be typed, on one side of the paper only
    surface, face, plane, part, facet, aspect, facade
  • 5 he felt he should put his side of the argument
  • 6 his family was ruined by backing the losing side in the civil war
    faction, camp, bloc, clique, caucus, entente, axis, ring, party, wing, splinter group, sect, clan, set
  • 7 there was a mixture of old and young players in their side
    team, squad, line-up, crew
  • 8British informal she has all the money in the world, but there's absolutely no side about her
  • Phrases

    side by side
  • 1 they cycled along side by side
    alongside (each other), beside each other, abreast, level, shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl, together, close together
  • 2 most transactions proceed side by side
    at the same time, at one and the same time, at the same instant/moment, simultaneously, contemporaneously;
    (all) together, as a group
    [Antonyms] in line
  • take the side of
    any who took the side of the enemy would be treated as enemies themselves
    [Antonyms] oppose
    support, give one's support to, take the part of, side with, be on the side of, stand by, stand up for, stick up for, be supportive of, encourage, back, back up, give one's backing to, uphold, take to one's heart, be loyal to, defend, come to the defence of, champion, ally (oneself) with, associate oneself with, sympathize with, favour, prefer, abet, aid and abet


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  • 1 the frame had elaborately carved side pieces
    [Antonyms] front
  • 2 this is just a side issue
    subordinate, lesser, lower, lower-level, secondary, minor, peripheral, incidental, tangential, marginal, ancillary, subsidiary, subservient, non-essential, inessential, immaterial, borderline, irrelevant, beside the point, of little account, extraneous, unimportant, less important
    [Antonyms] central, primary
  • 3 a side look
    [Antonyms] straight
  • verb

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  • the British tend to side with the underdog See take the side of
  • Word links

    lateral relating to the side of something
    -gon figure with a given number of sides, as in pentagon
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