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  • 2 he was driving on the wrong side of the road the left side of the brain
    half, part; carriageway, lane; hemisphere
  • 4 manuscripts should be typed, on one side of the paper only
    surface, face, plane, part, facet, aspect, facade
  • 7 there was a mixture of old and young players in their side
    team, squad, line-up, crew


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  • 1 the frame had elaborately carved side pieces the frame had elaborately carved side pieces
    [Antonyms] front


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  • the British tend to side with the underdog See


side by side

take the side of

any who took the side of the enemy would be treated as enemies themselves
[Antonyms] oppose
supportgive one's support totake the part ofside withbe on the side ofstand bystand up forstick up forbe supportive ofencouragebackback upgive one's backing toupholdtake to one's heartbe loyal todefendcome to the defence ofchampionally (oneself) withassociate oneself withsympathize withfavourpreferabetaid and abet

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lateral relating to the side of something
-gon figure with a given number of sides, as in pentagon

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