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Synonyms of sight in English:


  • 1 she has excellent sight
    eyesight, vision, eyes, faculty of sight, power of sight, ability to see, visual perception, observation
  • 2 her first sight of it gave her a severe shock
  • 3 he was almost within sight of the enemy
    range of vision, field of vision, view
  • 4 we are all equal in the sight of God
    perception, judgement, belief, opinion, point of view, view, viewpoint, outlook, observation;
    thought(s), thinking, way of thinking, mind, perspective, standpoint;
    verdict, estimation, feeling, sentiment, impression, idea, notion
  • 5 the town's historic sights
    landmark, place of interest, thing worth seeing, (distinctive/prominent) feature, monument, spectacle, scene, view, area, landscape, display, show, exhibition, curiosity, rarity, beauty, marvel, wonder, splendour
    informal something to write home about
  • 6 informal I changed so quickly into these clothes I must be a sight
    eyesore, spectacle, monstrosity, horror, mess
    informal fright, blot on the landscape
  • Phrases

    catch sight of
    they turned off the main road and caught sight of the cottage
    glimpse, catch/get a glimpse of, see, spot, spy, notice, observe, make out, discern, pick out, sight, detect, have sight of
    literary espy, behold, descry
    out of sight
    a camera should be kept out of sight as it is seen as a tool of espionage
    hidden, concealed, not visible, unseen, invisible, screened, covered, disguised, camouflaged, obscured, secret;
    inconspicuous, unnoticeable;
    private, privy;
    secreted, tucked away
    set one's sights on
    she set her sights on a teaching career
    aspire to, aim at/for, try for, strive for/towards, work towards, be after, want, seek, have in view, think of, hope for


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  • one of the helicopters has sighted wreckage in the area
    glimpse, catch/get a glimpse of, catch sight of, see, spot, spy, notice, observe, make out, pick out, detect, have sight of
    literary espy, behold, descry
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    optical, visual relating to sight
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