Synonyms of sign in English:



  • 1 flowers are often given as a sign of affection
  • 2 it may have been a sign of things to come
    portent, omen, warning, forewarning, augury, presage; promise, threat, hint
  • 3 Sir Edmund made a sign, and the soldiers followed him
    gesture, signal, wave, gesticulation, cue, nod; action, movement, motion; body language, kinesics
  • 4 there were signs saying ‘keep out’
    notice, signpost, signboard, warning sign, road sign, traffic sign; placard, board, plate, pointer, arrow, marker, waymark, indicator; poster, bill, sticker, advertisement
    informal ad
    British informal advert
  • 5 the dancers were daubed with signs which I assumed were messages to their gods
    symbol, mark, cipher, letter, character, numeral, figure, type, code, hieroglyph; signifier, ideogram, logogram, graph; rune, diacritic, representation, emblem, device, badge, insignia, arms, coat of arms, crest, logo; (signs)writing, hieroglyphics
  • verb

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  • 1 he signed the letter and put it in the envelope
    autograph, endorse, witness, initial, put one's mark on, countersign, re-sign; Lawset one's hand to, subscribe
    archaic underwrite, style
    rare chirographate
  • 2 the government was unwilling to sign the agreement
    endorse, validate, certify, authenticate, authorize, sanction, legalize, put into effect, enact; agree to, approve, ratify, adopt, say yes to, give one's approval to, rubber-stamp
    informal give something the go-ahead, give something the green light, OK, give something the OK, give something the thumbs up
    [Antonyms] repudiate
  • 3 he merely signed his name at the bottom
    write, inscribe, pen, pencil, scribble, scrawl, dash off, put, add
    archaic underwrite
  • 4 we have signed a very talented player
    recruit, hire, engage, employ, take on, appoint, take into one's employ, take into employment, contract, put on the payroll, sign on/up, enrol, enlist
    dated take into service
    [Antonyms] dismiss
  • 5 she then signed to Susan to leave
    gesture, signal, give a sign to, indicate, direct, motion, gesticulate; wave, beckon, nod
  • Phrases

    sign away

    he had signed away the rights to his music for next to nothingrelinquishrenouncewaivegive upabandonrejectsurrenderyieldcedehand overturn overdo withoutdispense withset/put asideabdicateabjuresacrificerefuseturn downspurn

    sign on/up

    he signed on for a permanent career in the Air Force
    [Antonyms] resign
    enlisttake a jobsignjoin (up)join the forces/servicesenrolregistervolunteerput one's name downbecome a member datedtake servicego into service archaictake the King's/Queen's shilling

    sign someone on/up

    Chapman had signed on new players in July
    [Antonyms] dismiss
    recruithireengageemploytake onappointtake into one's employtake into employmentcontractput on the payrollsignenrolenlist datedtake into (one's) service

    sign something over

    they have signed over ownership of the animals to the RSPCA
    [Antonyms] keep, accept
    transferturn overmake overhand overhand ongivehand downleavebequeathbestowpass ondevolvetransmitcededeliverassignconsignconveyentrust

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