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Synonyms of sign in English:


  • 1 flowers are often given as a sign of affection
  • 2 it may have been a sign of things to come
    promise, threat, hint
  • 3 Sir Edmund made a sign, and the soldiers followed him
    gesture, signal, wave, gesticulation, cue, nod;
    action, movement, motion;
  • 4 there were signs saying ‘keep out’
    placard, board, plate, pointer, arrow, marker, waymark, indicator;
    informal ad
    British informal advert
  • 5 the dancers were daubed with signs which I assumed were messages to their gods
    symbol, mark, cipher, letter, character, numeral, figure, type, code, hieroglyph;
    signifier, ideogram, logogram, graph;
    rune, diacritic, representation, emblem, device, badge, insignia, arms, coat of arms, crest, logo;
    (signs) writing, hieroglyphics
  • verb

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  • 1 he signed the letter and put it in the envelope
    autograph, endorse, witness, initial, put one's mark on, countersign, re-sign;
    archaic underwrite, style
    rare chirographate
  • 2 the government was unwilling to sign the agreement
    endorse, validate, certify, authenticate, authorize, sanction, legalize, put into effect, enact;
    agree to, approve, ratify, adopt, say yes to, give one's approval to, rubber-stamp
    informal give something the go-ahead, give something the green light, OK, give something the OK, give something the thumbs up
    [Antonyms] repudiate
  • 3 he merely signed his name at the bottom
    write, inscribe, pen, pencil, scribble, scrawl, dash off, put, add
    archaic underwrite
  • 4 we have signed a very talented player
    recruit, hire, engage, employ, take on, appoint, take into one's employ, take into employment, contract, put on the payroll, sign on/up, enrol, enlist
    dated take into service
    [Antonyms] dismiss
  • 5 she then signed to Susan to leave
    gesture, signal, give a sign to, indicate, direct, motion, gesticulate;
  • Phrases

    sign away
    he had signed away the rights to his music for next to nothing
    relinquish, renounce, waive, give up, abandon, reject, surrender, yield, cede, hand over, turn over, do without, dispense with, set/put aside, abdicate, abjure, sacrifice, refuse, turn down, spurn
    sign on/up
    he signed on for a permanent career in the Air Force
    [Antonyms] resign
    enlist, take a job, sign, join (up), join the forces/services, enrol, register, volunteer, put one's name down, become a member
    dated take service, go into service
    archaic take the King's/Queen's shilling
    sign someone on/up
    Chapman had signed on new players in July
    [Antonyms] dismiss
    recruit, hire, engage, employ, take on, appoint, take into one's employ, take into employment, contract, put on the payroll, sign, enrol, enlist
    dated take into (one's) service
    sign something over
    they have signed over ownership of the animals to the RSPCA
    [Antonyms] keep, accept
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