Synonyms of single in English:



  • 1 a single red rose the lobby was empty except for a single security guard
    one, one only, sole, lone, solitary, isolated, by itself;
    unique, exclusive;
    unaccompanied, by oneself, alone, solo;
    [Antonyms] double, multiple
  • 2 she wrote down every single word alcohol is the single most important cause of violence
    individual, separate, distinct, particular
  • 3 is she single?
    unmarried, unwed, unwedded, unattached, free, without a partner/husband/wife, wifeless, husbandless, spouseless, partnerless, a bachelor, a spinster;
    archaic sole
    [Antonyms] married
  • verb

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    single someone/something out

    the prime minister singled him out for promotion when he was a junior whip
    select, pick out, fix on, choose, decide on;
    target, earmark;
    mark out, distinguish, differentiate, separate out, set apart/aside, put aside;

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    uni- related prefix, as in unicycle
    mono- related prefix, as in monochrome
    haplo- related prefix, as in haplology
    monomania obsession with a single thing

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