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Synonyms of sink in English:


  • 1 he saw the coffin sink below the surface of the waves
    become submerged, be engulfed, go down, drop, fall, descend;
    [Antonyms] rise, float
  • 2 500 passengers and crew were saved after the luxury cruise liner sank yesterday
    founder, go under, submerge, capsize
  • 3 they sank their ships, rather than let them fall into enemy hands
    scupper, scuttle, send to the bottom, open the seacocks in
  • 4 the Bank of England sank lingering hopes of an imminent recovery
    destroy, ruin, wreck, put an end to, be the ruin/ruination of, wreak havoc on, demolish, devastate, blast, blight, smash, shatter, dash, torpedo, scotch, sabotage
    informal put the kibosh on, put the skids under, put paid to, banjax, do for, blow a hole in, nix
    British informal scupper, dish, throw a spanner in the works of
    North American informal throw a monkey wrench in the works of
    Australian informal euchre, cruel
    archaic bring to naught
  • 5 they agreed to sink their differences
    ignore, overlook, disregard, forget, put aside, set aside, put to one side, bury, consign to oblivion
  • 6 I sank myself in the communal life of the place
    immerse oneself in, plunge oneself into, lose oneself in, bury oneself in, absorb oneself, occupy oneself with
  • 7 the plane sank towards the small airstrip
    [Antonyms] ascend
  • 8 the sun was sinking in a red glow
    set, go down/downwards, dip beneath the horizon, descend
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 9 Loretta sank into an armchair
    informal plonk oneself, plop oneself
    North American informal plank oneself
    [Antonyms] stand up
  • 10 her voice sank to a confidential whisper
    fall, drop, become/get lower, become/get quieter, become/get softer
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 11 whatever she is guilty of, she would never sink to your level
    stoop, lower oneself, descend, be reduced;
    demean oneself, debase oneself
  • 12 his breathing was laboured—he was clearly sinking fast
    deteriorate, decline, fade, fail, weaken, grow weak, flag, languish, degenerate, decay, waste away;
    be at death's door, be on one's deathbed, be breathing one's last, be about to die, be approaching death, be slipping away, have one foot in the grave, be in extremis, become moribund
    informal go downhill, be on one's last legs, be giving up the ghost
    [Antonyms] recover, improve
  • 13 sink 3-inch pots of good soil into the ground screws sunk beneath the surface of the wood
    embed, insert;
    drive, place, put down, plant, position
  • 14 they planned to sink a gold mine in Oklahoma
    dig, excavate, bore, drill
  • 15 informal after sinking five pints of lager, he decided it was time to leave
    informal down, swill, knock back, polish off, dispose of, shift
    British informal get outside of, neck, bevvy
    North American informal chug, scarf down
  • 16 many investors sank their life savings into the company
    invest, put, venture, risk, plough
  • Phrases

    sink in
    Peter read the letter twice before its meaning sank in
    register, penetrate, be understood, be comprehended, be realized, be taken in, be grasped, become clear, get through


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  • he washed himself as best he could at the sink in the bathroom
    basin, washbasin, handbasin, wash-hand basin
    dated lavabo
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