Synonyms of six in English:



  • sextet, sextuplets; Poetrysestet, sestina, senarius, sixain
    technical hexad
    rare sixsome
  • Phrases

    at sixes and sevens

    he was at sixes and sevens about how to describe what was going on in educationchaoticdisorganizeddisordereddisorderlyuntidymessyjumbledmuddledconfusedunsystematicirregularclutteredlitteredout of orderout of placein disarrayin a messin a jumblein a muddleupside-downhiggledy-piggledyhaywirehaphazard informalall over the placelike a bomb's hit itBritish informalshambolicall over the shopNorth American informalall over the mapall over the lot rareorderless

    Word links

    hexa- related prefix, as in hexameter
    sex(i)- related prefix, as in sexivalent
    senary relating to six
    hexagon six-sided figure
    sexennial relating to six years

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