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Synonyms of six in English:

cardinal number

  • sextet, sextuplets;
    Poetry  sestet, sestina, senarius, sixain
    technical hexad
    rare sixsome
  • Phrases

    at sixes and sevens
    he was at sixes and sevens about how to describe what was going on in education
    chaotic, disorganized, disordered, disorderly, untidy, messy, jumbled, muddled, confused, unsystematic, irregular, cluttered, littered;
    out of order, out of place, in disarray, in a mess, in a jumble, in a muddle, upside-down, higgledy-piggledy, haywire, haphazard
    informal all over the place, like a bomb's hit it
    British informal shambolic, all over the shop
    North American informal all over the map, all over the lot
    rare orderless

    Word links

    hexa- related prefix, as in hexameter
    sex(i)- related prefix, as in sexivalent
    senary relating to six
    hexagon six-sided figure
    sexennial relating to six years
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