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Synonyms of skin in English:


  • 1 these chemicals could damage the skin
    epidermis, dermis
    technical cuticle, cutis, corium, derma, derm, integument, tegument
  • 2 Mary's fair skin
    complexion, colouring, skin colour, skin tone, pigmentation
  • 3 until recent years, leopard skins fetched high prices
    hide, pelt, fleece;
    Australian  greenhide
    technical crop, kip
    archaic fell
  • 4 a banana skin
    peel, rind, outside
    technical integument
  • 5 the coffee was cold, with a skin on it the water was covered by a thin skin of ice
    film, coating, coat, layer, overlay;
    technical pellicle
  • 6 the plane's skin was ripped apart by the force of the explosion
    casing, cover, covering, exterior, pod
  • Phrases

    by the skin of one's teeth
    he won, but only by the skin of his teeth
    only just, just, narrowly, by a hair's breadth, by a very small margin, by the narrowest of margins, barely, by a nose
    informal by a whisker
    get under someone's skin
  • 1 it was the sheer effrontery of them which got under my skin
  • 2 she's got under my skin—I can't stop thinking about her
    obsess, intrigue, captivate, interest greatly, charm;
    enthral, enchant, fill someone's mind, mesmerize, hypnotize, entrance
  • it's no skin off my nose
    informal it's no skin off my nose—I never wanted to go to Germany in the first place
    I don't care, I don't mind, I'm not bothered, it doesn't bother me, it doesn't matter to me, it's of no concern to me, it's of no importance to me
    informal I don't give/care a damn/hoot/toss/rap, I don't give a monkey's
    vulgar slang I don't give a shit


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  • 1 scald and skin the tomatoes
    peel, pare, hull
    technical decorticate
  • 2 he slipped and skinned his knee
    graze, scrape, abrade, bark, cut, rub something raw, chafe
    technical excoriate
  • 3 informal Dad would skin me alive if I forgot it
    punish severely, tan/whip someone's hide
    informal murder, scalp, thump, give it to someone, come down on someone (like a ton of bricks), have someone's guts for garters
    British informal give someone what for
  • Word links

    cutaneous relating to the skin
    dermato- related prefix
    subcutaneous under the skin
    dermatology branch of medicine concerning the skin
    dermatoglyphics study of skin markings
    dermatoplasty surgical repair of skin
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