Synonyms of slave in English:



  • 1 historical most of the work on the land was done by slaves
    bondsman, bondswoman, bondservant, bondslave, serf, vassal, thrall
    [Antonyms] freeman, master
  • 2 Anna was attracted to him and within 24 hours was his willing slave
    drudge, servant, general factotum, man/maid of all work, lackey, minion, galley slave
    informal gofer, bitch
    British informal skivvy, dogsbody, slavey, poodle, fag
    rare slaveling
  • verb

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  • I'm sick of slaving away for a pittance
    informal work one's guts out, work one's socks off, kill oneself, sweat blood, knock oneself out, plug away, slog away
    British informal graft, fag
    Australian/New Zealand informal bullock
    British vulgar slang work one's balls/arse/nuts off
    North American vulgar slang work one's ass/butt off
    archaic drudge, travail, moil
    [Antonyms] relax, skive
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    servile like a slave

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