Synonyms of slim in English:



  • 1 she was tall and slim with long blonde hair
    slender, lean, willowy, sylphlike, svelte, lissom, graceful, snake-hipped, rangy, clean-limbed, trim, slight, slightly built; thin, as thin as a reed, skinny, size-zero, spare, attenuated, lanky, spindly
    [Antonyms] fat plump
  • 2 a slim silver bracelet
    narrow, slender, slimline
    [Antonyms] broad
  • 3 there was only a slim chance of escape
    slight, small, slender, faint, feeble, poor, flimsy, tenuous, fragile, negligible, marginal, minimal; outside, remote, distant, unlikely, improbable
    [Antonyms] good strong
  • verb

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  • 1 if you eat only wholefoods, it should be easy to slim
    lose weight, get thinner, lose/shed some pounds, lose some inches, get into shape, shape up, reduce, diet, go on a diet; North Americanslenderize
    [Antonyms] put on weight
  • 2 the number of staff had been slimmed down from 32 to 24
    reduce, cut, cut down/back, make cutbacks in, scale down, trim, decrease, diminish, pare down, whittle away, prune; rationalize, downsize
    [Antonyms] increase
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