Synonyms of sluggish in English:



  • 1 Alex woke late, feeling tired and sluggish
    lethargic, listless, lacking in energy, unenergetic, lifeless, inert, inactive, slow, torpid, dull, languid, apathetic, passive, unresponsive, weary, tired, fatigued, sleepy, half asleep, drowsy, heavy-eyed, enervated, somnolent; lazy, idle, indolent, slothful, sluggardly; phlegmatic, bovine; Medicineasthenic, neurasthenic
    informal dozy, dopey, yawny
    North American informal logy
    archaic lymphatic
    [Antonyms] vigorous energetic active
  • 2 the sluggish global economy
    inactive, quiet, slow, slow-moving, slack, flat, depressed, stagnant, static
    [Antonyms] busy brisk
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