Synonyms of smell in English:



  • 1 there was a smell of burning in the air
    odour, whiff
  • 2 the smell of new-mown grass
  • 3 27 cats lived there—you can imagine the smell
    British informal pong, niff, whiff, hum
    Scottish informal guff
    North American informal funk
    rare fetor, malodour, mephitis
  • verb

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  • 1 Peter smelled her perfume
    get a whiff of, scent, get a sniff of, detect the smell of
  • 2 the dogs smelled each other
    sniff, nose
  • 3 the room was dirty and it smelled
    stink, stink to high heaven, reek, have a bad smell, be stinking, be malodorous
    British informal pong, hum
  • 4 it smells like a hoax to me
    give the impression of, smack of, savour of, have the hallmarks of, have all the signs of, seem/appear like, have the air of, suggest
  • Word links

    osmic relating to smell
    odorimetry measurement of intensity of a smell
    olfactory relating to the sense of smell

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