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Synonyms of snap in English:


  • 1 the safety rope snapped and Davis was sucked under the water
    break, break in/into two, fracture, splinter, separate, come apart, part, split, crack
    informal bust
    [Antonyms] hold
  • 2 she claims she snapped after years of violence
    lose one's self-control, crack, freak, freak out, get overwrought, go to pieces, get hysterical, get worked up, flare up
    informal crack up, lose one's cool, blow one's top, fly off the handle
    British informal throw a wobbly
  • 3 a white Range Rover passed, the Union flag snapping from a small mast on the bonnet
    crack, flick, click, crackle;
    flutter, wave, flap, quiver, vibrate
  • 4 a dog was snapping at his heels
    bite, gnash its teeth;
    try to bite, try to nip
  • 5 ‘I'm not that old!’ Anna snapped there's no need to snap at me—I'm only trying to help
    say/speak roughly, say/speak brusquely, say/speak nastily, say/speak abruptly, say/speak angrily, bark, snarl, growl, fling, hurl;
    lash out at;
    retort, rejoin, riposte, retaliate, snap back;
    round on someone
    informal jump down someone's throat, fly off the handle at
  • 6 they could see photographers snapping the royal shooting party
    photograph, take/get a photograph/photo of, take someone's picture/photo, take/get a picture of, picture, take/get a snapshot/snap of, take, shoot, take/get a shot of, take a likeness of, record, film, capture/record on film/celluloid
  • Phrases

    snap out of it
    informal you've had a bad time, and now you're snapping out of it
    [Antonyms] mope
    recover, recover/regain control of oneself, recover/regain control of one's emotions, recover/regain one's composure, recover/regain one's calm, recover/regain one's self-control, get/take a grip/hold on oneself, pull oneself together, get over it, become one's old self, get better, cheer up, become cheerful, perk up
    informal get one's act together, buck up
    snap something up
    people are snapping up bargains all over the place
    [Antonyms] pass up
    buy eagerly/quickly, jump at, accept eagerly, snatch at, take advantage of, grab (at), snatch, seize (on), grasp, grasp with both hands, pounce on, swoop down on


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  • 1 she closed her purse with a snap
    click, crack, pop, clink, tick, report, smack, whack, crackle
  • 2 there was a sudden cold snap immediately after Christmas
    British informal patch, spot
  • 3 the snap of the dialogue
    [Antonyms] inertia, lethargy
  • 4 Mark showed me his holiday snaps of Barbados
    photograph, picture, photo, shot, snapshot, likeness, image, portrait, study, print, slide, transparency, negative, positive, plate, film, bromide, frame, exposure, still, proof, enprint, enlargement
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