Synonyms of snoop in English:




  • 1 you shouldn't snoop into our affairs
    pry, enquire impertinently, be inquisitive (about), enquire, do some detective work;
    be curious, poke about/around, mind someone else's business, be a busybody, nose into, stick/poke one's nose in/into;
    informal be nosy (about), nosy
    Australian/New Zealand informal stickybeak
  • 2 they decided to snoop around the building
    investigate, explore, ferret (about/around) in, rummage in, search, delve into, peer into, prowl around, nose around/about/round, have a good look at
  • noun

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  • 1 White went off for a snoop around, as policemen do
    search, nose, look, prowl, ferret, poke, exploration, investigation
  • 2 the broadcast was intercepted by radio snoops See snooper
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