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Synonyms of sober in English:


  • 1 they were drunk more often than sober
    [Antonyms] drunk
  • 2 a sober view of life
    serious, sensible, solemn, thoughtful, grave, sombre, severe, earnest, sedate, staid, dignified, steady, level-headed, serious-minded, businesslike, down-to-earth, commonsensical, pragmatic, self-controlled, restrained, conservative;
    strict, puritanical;
    Scottish douce
    [Antonyms] light-hearted, frivolous
  • 3 a sober account of the trial
    unemotional, dispassionate;
    factual, realistic, objective;
    low-key, matter-of-fact, prosaic, no-nonsense, rational, logical, straightforward, well considered, plain
    [Antonyms] sensational, emotional
  • 4 a sober grey suit
    sombre, restrained, subdued, severe, austere;
    conventional, traditional, staid, unadventurous;
    dark, dark-coloured, quiet, drab, plain
    [Antonyms] flamboyant
  • verb

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  • 1 I ought to sober up a bit
    become sober, become clear-headed
    informaldry out
  • 2 that coffee sobered him up
    make sober, clear someone's head
    informaldry out
  • 3 he smiled at her, but then his expression sobered
    become (more) serious, settle (down), relax, soften, steady, cool
  • 4 his expression sobered her
    make (more) serious;
    subdue, calm down, quieten, steady;
    bring to, bring down to earth, make reflective/pensive, make someone stop and think, give someone pause for thought
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