Synonyms of soldier in English:



  • thirty soldiers died during the operation
    fighter, serviceman, servicewoman, fighting man, fighting woman, comrade-in-arms, warrior, trooper; (soldiers)cannon fodder; in the USGI, enlisted man
    British informal squaddie
    British military slang pongo
    archaic man-at-arms
  • verb

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    soldier on

    informal Graham wasn't enjoying this, but he soldiered onperseverepersistcarry on doggedlykeep onkeep goingnot give upstruggle onhammer awaybe persistentbe determinedsee/follow something throughkeep at itshow determinationpress on/aheadstay with somethingnot take no for an answerbe tenaciousbe pertinaciousstand one's groundstand fast/firmhold onhold outgo the distancestay the courseplod onplough ongrind away informalhang onplug awaypeg awaystick to one's gunsstick at itstick it outhang in therebash on

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