Synonyms of solitude in English:



  • 1 she savoured her few hours of freedom and solitude
    loneliness, solitariness, remoteness, isolation, seclusion, retirement, withdrawal, purdah, privacy, privateness, peace, peace and quiet, desolation;
    North American lonesomeness
    [Antonyms] company
  • 2 solitudes like the area around the loch are becoming more and more precious
    wilderness, undisturbed area, unspoilt area, rural area, wilds, backwoods, the back of beyond;
    desert, emptiness, wasteland, no-man's-land;
    in Australiathe bush, the outback;
    North American & Australian/New Zealand backcountry;
    South African the backveld
    informal the sticks, the middle of nowhere
    North American informal the boondocks
    archaic retirement
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    eremophobia fear of solitude

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