Synonyms of sound in English:

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sound 1


  • 1 she heard the sound of the car driving away
    noise, note, din, racket, row, bang, report, hubbub, resonance, reverberation
    [Antonyms] silence
  • 2 the sound of the flute
    music, tones, note, chord
  • 3 they do not like the sound of her plans
    idea, thought, concept, impression, prospect, description
  • 4 the cemetery nestled beneath the cliffs, within sound of the sea
    hearing distance, hearing, distance, earshot, range
  • verb

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  • 1 the buzzer sounded
  • 2 engine drivers must sound their whistle
    operate, set off;
    play, blow, blast, toot, blare;
    ring, chime, peal, toll, ding, clang
    literary wind
  • 3 do you sound the ‘h’ in ‘Doha’?
  • 4 a Labour backbencher sounded a warning
    utter, express, voice, speak, pronounce, declare, announce, deliver, put into words, intone
  • 5 it sounds a crazy idea
    appear to be, appear, look, look to be, look like, seem, seem to be, have the appearance/air of being, give/create the impression of being, strike someone as being, give every indication of being
  • 6 you sound as though you really believe that
    appear, look, seem;
    give/create the impression that, strike someone that, give every indication that
    informal look like
  • Phrases

    sound off
    he sounds off on the human costs of offshoring
    speak at length, talk at length, speak, talk, go on, hold forth;
    declaim, discourse, spout, expatiate, pontificate, orate, preach, sermonize;
    lecture, harangue, fulminate, rant
    informal spiel, speechify, preachify, drone on
    rare perorate

    Word links

    acoustic, sonic, aural, audio relating to sound
    audio- related prefix, as in audiovisual
    sono- related prefix, as in sonogram
    acoustiphobia fear of sound
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    Synonyms of sound in English:

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    sound 2


  • 1 your heart is as sound as a young man's he was not of sound mind
    healthy, in good condition, toned, fit, physically fit, hale and hearty, in good shape, in fine fettle, in trim, disease-free, undamaged, uninjured, unimpaired
    [Antonyms] unhealthy
  • 2 it is a very sound building
    well built, solid, well constructed, substantial, strong, sturdy, stout, durable, stable, intact, whole, undamaged, unimpaired
    [Antonyms] unsafe, flimsy
  • 3 that is very sound advice
    well founded, well grounded, valid, reasonable, logical, solid, weighty, authoritative, convincing, cogent, plausible, credible, reliable
    [Antonyms] unsound
  • 4 a sound judge of character
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, fair;
    good, sensible, intelligent, wise, judicious, sagacious, astute, shrewd, perceptive, percipient
    [Antonyms] unreliable
  • 5 the company is financially sound
    solvent, able to pay its debts, debt-free, not in debt, out of debt, in the black, in funds, in credit, creditworthy, of good financial standing, solid, secure
    rare unindebted
    [Antonyms] insolvent, in debt, bankrupt
  • 6 a sound sleep
    deep, undisturbed, unbroken, uninterrupted, untroubled, peaceful
    [Antonyms] shallow, light, broken, fitful
  • 7 such people should be given a sound thrashing
    informal damn, right, royal, right royal
    Australian/New Zealand informal fair
    [Antonyms] slight
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    sound, valid, cogent
    See valid
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    Synonyms of sound in English:

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    sound 3


  • he was sounding the depth of the river with a pole
    measure, gauge, determine, test, investigate, survey, take a reading of, plumb, fathom, probe
  • Phrases

    sound someone out
  • 1 he sounded people out and found the responses favourable
    canvass, test the opinions of, survey, poll, question, interview, sample;
    test the water, see how the land lies
    informal pump
  • 2 officials arrived to sound out public opinion
    investigate, test, check, examine, probe, carry out an investigation of, conduct a survey of, research, research into, carry out research into, explore, look into, canvass, elicit
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    Synonyms of sound in English:

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    sound 4


  • he cast off and headed back across the sound
  • Definition of sound in:
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