Synonyms of space in English:



  • 1 there was not enough space for them all
    room, expanse, extent, capacity, area, volume, spaciousness, scope, latitude, expansion, margin, leeway, play, clearance;
    headroom, legroom, elbow room
  • 2 the green spaces in and around London are under constant threat from developers
    area, open space, open area, unoccupied area, empty area, expanse, footprint, stretch, sweep, tract
  • 3 the space between the timbers was filled with mud and straw
    gap, interval, opening, aperture, gulf, cavity, cranny, fissure, rift, crack, breach, break, split, flaw, crevasse, interstice, lacuna
  • 4 make sure students have written their name in the appropriate space
    blank, empty space, gap
  • 5 after a space of seven years within the space of three hours
    period, span, time, duration, stretch, course, interval, season, term
  • 6 Britain's first woman in space
    outer space, deep space, the universe, the cosmos, the galaxy, the solar system, infinity
  • verb

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  • the chairs should be spaced out round the table the teams are spaced only a few metres apart
    place at intervals, separate, place, position, arrange, line up, range, order, array, dispose, lay out, deploy, locate, settle, situate, set, stand, station
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    cosmology, astronomy study of space

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