Synonyms of spare in English:



  • 1 a spare set of keys
    extra, supplementary, additional, second, another, alternative, emergency, reserve, backup, relief, fallback, substitute, fresh, auxiliary, ancillary; North Americanalternate
    [Antonyms] principal
  • 2 the company proposes to sell off spare land
    surplus, surplus to requirements, superfluous, too much/many, supernumerary, excessive, in excess, going begging; redundant, not required, unnecessary, inessential, unessential, needless, unneeded, uncalled for, dispensable, disposable, expendable, unwanted, useless; Frenchde trop
    [Antonyms] useful required
  • 3 what do you do in your spare time?
    free, leisure, unoccupied, own
    [Antonyms] occupied
  • 4 a spare, bearded figure
    slender, lean; willowy, sylphlike, svelte, lissom, graceful, snake-hipped, rangy, clean-limbed, trim, slight, slightly built, without an ounce of fat; thin, as thin as a reed, skinny, size-zero, gaunt, attenuated, lanky, spindly
    informal skin and bone
    [Antonyms] fat
  • Phrases

    go spare

    British informal he'll go spare if you're latebecome very angrybecome enragedgo into a ragelose one's temper informalgo/get madgo crazygo wildsee redgo bananashit the roofgo through the roofgo up the wallgo off the deep endfly off the handleblow one's topblow a fuse/gasketlose one's raggo apeflipflip one's lidgo non-lineargo ballisticgo psychoBritish informalgo crackersdo one's nutNorth American informalflip one's wigblow one's lid/stack vulgar slanggo apeshit


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  • 1 he could not spare any money
    afford, do without, manage without, get along without, dispense with, part with, give, let someone have, provide
  • 2 animal lovers launched an appeal to spare the dog few of the men were spared by their captors
    not harm, leave uninjured, leave unhurt; be merciful to, show mercy to, have mercy on, be lenient to, deal leniently with, have pity on; pardon, grant a pardon to, excuse, leave unpunished, forgive, reprieve, release, free, let off, amnesty
    informal go easy on
  • Phrases

    to spare

    we still have a few plants to spareleft overleftoverremainingunusedunneedednot requiredstill availablesurplus to requirementssuperfluoussurplusextra informalgoing begging

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