Synonyms of speech in English:



  • 1 he was born deaf and without the power of speech
    speaking, talking, verbal communication, verbal expression, articulation
  • 2 her speech was slurred Peter's speech was clearly cockney
    diction, elocution, manner of speaking, articulation, enunciation, pronunciation; utterance, words, phraseology, talk
    rare orthoepy
  • 3 an after-dinner speech
    talk, address, lecture, discourse, oration, disquisition, peroration, declamation, deliverance, presentation; valedictory; sermon, homily; harangue, diatribe, tirade, rant; monologue, soliloquy, recitation; effusion, outpouring; North Americansalutatory
    informal spiel
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    lingual, oral, phonetic, phonic relating to speech
    -phone related suffix, as in Francophone
    -phasia related suffix, as in dysphasia

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