Synonyms of spice in English:



  • 1 they use 21 different spices to make their curry powder
  • 2 the risk of detection had added spice to their affair
    excitement, interest, colour, piquancy, spiciness, zest, savour, tang, sharpness, saltiness;
    bite, edge
    informal zip, zing, zap, punch, kick
    literary salt
  • verb

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    spice something up

    spice up your life with this new seductive fragrance
    liven up, make more exciting, enliven, revitalize, vitalize, perk up, put some/new life into, put some spark into, ginger up, stir up, get going, galvanize, electrify, add some zest to, give a boost to, add some colour to
    informal pep up, jazz up, buck up, hot up, zhoosh (up)

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