Synonyms of spill in English:



  • 1 everyone jumped and Kevin spilled his drink
  • 2 some of the wine spilled on to the floor
    overflow, flow, pour, run, slop, slosh, splash, splatter; brim, well; leak, escape
    British informal splosh
    rare overbrim
  • 3 students began to spill out of the building
    stream, pour, surge, swarm, flood, throng, crowd, mill
  • 4 the horse was wrenched off course, spilling his rider
  • 5 informal she ought not to be spilling out his troubles to you
    reveal, disclose, divulge, let out, leak, blurt out, babble, betray, make known, tell
    informal let on, blab
  • Phrases

    spill the beans

    informal he gave me a look which made me wonder if Mavis had spilled the beans
    [Antonyms] keep a secret
    reveal everythingtell allgive the game awaytalk informallet the cat out of the bagblabspill one's gutscome cleanBritish informalblow the gaff


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  • 1 a 25-tonne oil spill
  • 2 he decided to rest following his spill in the opening race
    fall, tumble, accident
    informal header, cropper, nosedive
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