Synonyms of splendid in English:



  • 1 a splendid palazzo on the Grand Canal their splendid costumes
    magnificent, sumptuous, grand, impressive, imposing, superb, spectacular, resplendent, opulent, luxurious, palatial, deluxe, rich, fine, costly, expensive, lavish, ornate, gorgeous, glorious, dazzling, elegant, handsome, beautiful; stately, majestic, kingly, princely, regal, noble, proud
    British informal swish
    North American informal swank
    literary brave
    [Antonyms] modest unimpressive ordinary
  • 2 an MP with a splendid reputation
    distinguished, glorious, glittering, illustrious, remarkable, outstanding, exceptional, celebrated, renowned, famous, impressive, notable, noted, eminent, noble, lofty, venerable, exemplary
    [Antonyms] undistinguished
  • 3 informal we had a splendid holiday
    excellent, wonderful, marvellous, magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful, first-class, first-rate
    informal super, great, smashing, amazing, amazeballs, fantastic, terrific, tremendous, phenomenal, sensational, incredible, heavenly, stellar, gorgeous, dreamy, grand, fabulous, fab, fabby, fantabulous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, awesome, magic, ace, cool, mean, bad, wicked, mega, crucial, mind-blowing, far out, A1, sound, out of this world, marvy, spanking
    British informal brilliant, brill, bosting
    North American informal peachy, dandy, jim-dandy, neat, badass, boss, radical, rad, boffo, bully, bitching, bodacious
    Australian/New Zealand informal beaut, bonzer
    South African informal kif, lank
    black English dope, def, phat
    informal , dated groovy, divine
    British informal , dated capital, champion, wizard, corking, ripping, cracking, spiffing, top-hole, topping, beezer
    North American informal , dated swell, keen
    archaic goodly
    [Antonyms] dreadful awful horrible
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