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Synonyms of spoil in English:


  • 1 too much sun spoils the complexion
    mar, damage, impair, blemish, disfigure, blight, flaw, deface, scar, injure, harm;
    ruin, destroy, wreck;
    be a blot on the landscape
    rare disfeature
    [Antonyms] improve, enhance
  • 2 two days of rain spoiled all my plans
    ruin, wreck, destroy, upset, undo, mess up, make a mess of, dash, sabotage, scupper, scotch, torpedo, blast, vitiate;
    cast a shadow over, cast a pall over, cloud, darken, take the shine off, put a damper on, take the enjoyment/pleasure out of, take the edge off;
    upset someone's apple cart, cook someone's goose
    informal foul up, louse up, muck up, queer, screw up, put the kibosh on, banjax, blow a hole in, do for, nix
    British informal cock up, dish, muller, queer someone's pitch, throw a spanner in the works of
    North American informal rain on someone's parade, throw a monkey wrench in the works of
    Australian informal cruel, euchre
    vulgar slang bugger up, fuck up, balls up
    archaic bring to naught
    [Antonyms] further, help, enhance
  • 3 his sisters spoil him and so does his mother
    dote on
    archaic cocker
    [Antonyms] neglect, treat harshly, be strict with
  • 4 I've got some ham that will spoil if we don't eat it tonight
    go bad, go off, go rancid, turn, go sour, sour, go mouldy, moulder, become addled, curdle, become rotten, rot, perish, decompose, decay, putrefy
    [Antonyms] keep
  • Phrases

    spoiling for
    Cooper was spoiling for a fight
    eager for, itching for, looking for, keen to have, raring for, after, bent on, set on, on the lookout for, longing for
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