Synonyms of squeal in English:



  • they drew up with a squeal of brakes the harsh squeal of a fox
  • verb

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  • 1 the taxi squealed to a halt a dog squealed
  • 2 the bookies only squealed because we beat them
    complain, protest, object, express disapproval, raise objections, make/take a stand, put up a fight, kick, take exception, grouse, grouch, grumble, whine, wail, moan, carp, squawk
    Northern English informal mither
  • 3 informal who squealed to the police? drug traffickers get lighter sentences in return for squealing on their colleagues
    British informal grass (on), split (on), shop
    Scottish informal clype (on)
    North American informal rat out, finger, fink on, drop a/the dime on
    Australian informal pimp on, pool, put someone's pot on
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